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Mezzanine Shelving Systems

Mezzanine Shelving Systems

Mezzanine shelf systems are shelf groups consisting of shelves preferred for manually loaded products. The system consists of walking floors. It allows the employee to load by walking between floors. It is suitable all for parcel, hanger, and piece products. Transitions between floors are made using stairs. When there is a large amount of product entry, pallets can also get loaded into the system through the Loading Doors that allow palletized loading.

Mezzanine warehouse rack systems are one of the boxed loading warehouse racking systems that offer additional usage space to businesses and use the height of the warehouse efficiently. This warehouse storage rack system is designed as a single, or as an additional system to the existing one.  

Mezzanine warehouse shelf systems, known for providing fast access to products, are one of the most preferred shelf systems in the e-commerce sector. Thanks to the convenience, they provide the preparation and collection of small and multi-piece orders.

Stairs or elevators are integrated according to the number of floors, height, and weight of the stocked goods of the mezzanine warehouse rack systems.

A significant part of the operation in the warehouse racking systems of the mezzanine is manual, but it is also possible and easy to use pallet trucks on the floors. With the help of forklifts, it is possible to transport the goods directly from the ground to a certain floor easily.

Mezzanine warehouse racking systems are one of the shelving systems that work in coordination with the barcode system and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Because of this feature, it is preferred by companies that perform boxed installation and use WMS software. It enables the usage area of ​​the existing warehouse to be increased to a higher level.

Mezzanine rack systems, which are among the boxed rack systems, have a wide usage area today. The warehouse shelf systems of the mezzanine, which are designed to collect and store products manually, have a multi-layered structure. Mezzanine rack systems, which have a durable structure, are the savior storage systems for narrow spaces. There are walking areas between the floors on the shelves of the mezzanine. The materials used in these areas are also durable such as chipboard, wire grid, and MDF. Therefore, it offers reliable use.

As Spazio smart warehouse solutions, we design and manufacture mezzanine storage rack systems that are used in almost every sector in different models and sizes to increase the operational efficiency of our customers and reduce the costs that are caused by time loss. We produce this system, which enables narrow or high warehouses to reach the maximum storage level, in desired sizes and dimensions. We design the mezzanine systems that we produce in consideration of the height of the warehouse in proportions suitable for the area.


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