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Pallet Loading

The pallet loading process allows the products placed in cardboard boxes to be fixed first by arranging them on plastic or wooden pallets and then loading these pallets on the shelves. It is a preferred type of loading for the storage of heavy materials. Pallet loading operations are also used in cases were stacking up to the ceiling is required. To use the space efficiently, heavy items are stocked with this loading technique. Pallet loading, which is extremely useful and efficient, is one of the frequently preferred loading models.

Pallet loading is used in large warehouses. Rack systems that require palletized loading in terms of load carrying capacity are the rack models that can carry the heaviest loads. According to the height and width of the warehouse, the most accurate shelf system is chosen among the pallet loading shelf models. The storage vehicle you will use differs depending on the model of the shelf systems, and the dimensions and weights of the pallets to be placed on the shelves.

The main purpose of pallet loading is to store the products in bulk and to use the warehouse space with the highest efficiency by storing the maximum product. However, the increasing product circulation today also affects the entry and exit times of the goods in the warehouses. As Spazio Smart Warehouse Solutions, we offer palletized warehouse solutions that will speed up, facilitate and make your process efficient by studying the workflow and goods circulation of your business.

Pallet Rack Models

Pallet warehouse racking systems are systems that can be preferred to create high storage areas. While examining the pallet racking system models, factors such as the height of the warehouse, the storage vehicle to be used, the characteristics of the materials to be stored, and the entry and exit times of the pallets into the warehouse, are the ones that we should take into consideration.

In cases where only forklifts are used, shelving systems with vast aisle distances such as back-to-back warehouse rack systems, drive-in rack systems, or double-deep rack systems are preferred. These systems give the forklift a large maneuvering area. The height of the shelves is determined according to the size of the forklift used.

If you aim to increase the efficiency of your warehouse by reducing the aisle distance, you can choose narrow aisle or pallet sliding warehouse rack systems. Due to the static structure of these systems, it also allows you to use the maximum height of your warehouse.