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The Manufacturing Process

Taking our 25 years’ experience has reference and innovation as guide, Spazio Smart Warehouse Solutions is an innovative and lean company focused on problems and their solutions. The product is not the main target but the result of well-designed lean and innovative manufacturing process.

We listen and understand our customers: During the empathize phase, to build customer empathy, we take all our time to observe listen and understand what challenges they face and what needs, and expectations must be met.

We define the problem and need of our customers: We set Human-Centered problem statements thanks to insight collected from the empathize phase. While framing our problem statement we focus on our customers’ needs rather than those of our business. because we aim to design not only products but sustainable solutions

The magic formula, Teamwork: with clear problem statements we use ideation methods such as bodystorming, reverse thinking and worst possible idea to get our team thinking out of the box and exploring new angles. We come up with many ideas as possible after several team work sessions. By combining abilities of our brilliant and innovative team with our customers’ need we come up with the best ideas and prototypes.

Best products, Best Solutions: Instead of hypothesizing about what our customers want, we get out there engage directly with them. Rather than talking about potential solutions, we turn them into tangible prototypes and test them in real-world challenges.

After this long journey based on design thinking methodology, we are ready to design and create best products which will at the same time Mache our customers’ needs and therefore be best solutions.