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Industrial Warehouse Racking Systems

4 October 2022, Tuesday
Industrial Warehouse Racking Systems

Over the years, industrial warehouse racking systems have advanced into versatile, adaptable, and dynamic systems that can cater to industrial needs. Industrial racking systems are metal structures that are an integral part of warehouse management or industrial facility and are designed to support goods. They are the central part of logistics and help optimize the available space in the warehouse. The type of racking systems can be distinguished into two main groups:

●    Pallet Racking for heavy loads
●    Picking solutions for light loads

All The Shelving Systems at Spazio: 

Market offers a wide range of Industrial Warehouse Racking systems that include Pallet loading, Boxed loading, 

BOXED LOADING – Boxed loading is the category in Industrial Warehouse Racking systems where materials are stocked and loaded on the shelves with the help of box parcels manually. The human intervention is high in this type and the process is generally done manually. It is generally preferred for light loads. To cater to the Industrial Warehouse Racking system, we offer Mezzanine shelving systems, Order preparation racking systems, Light Duty warehousing racking systems, and Archive shelving systems.

PALLET LOADING - The pallet loading process allows the products within the cardboard boxes to be fixed first by categorising them on wooden or plastic pallets and after that loading the pallets on the shelves. In Industrial Warehouse Racking systems, this type of loading is preferred for heavy loading and is extremely useful and efficient for loading models. The pallet loading we offer includes a Back-to-Back racking system, Drive-in Shelving system, Double Deep Shelving systems, Narrow Aisle warehousing racking systems, and Pallet sliding racking systems. 

OTHER SHELVING SYSTEMS – Other shelving systems in the industrial warehouse racking systems include storage of the products that are hard to store such as PVC pipes or profiles. Cantilevered warehouse shelving systems include all such products. The Compact archive shelving systems are there to protect first-degree sensitive documents from flood, fire, and theft cases. Wholesale and Retail shelves are there to carry out retail sales and storage. At Spazio, we offer Cantilever Rack systems, Compact Archive racks, Construction Market Shelf systems, and Wholesale and retail shelving systems. 

AUTOMATION GROUP – Automation systems as the name suggests are the common name for all systems that ensures that all of the work is done using machines instead of people. There are two systems, autonomous and semi-autonomous. Autonomous machines and robots are involved in semi-autonomous people.  With the increase in the volume of e-commerce and technologies like Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) supply chain and tracking, management has become easy. Mekik semi-automatic racking system, Unit Load (full automatic pallet loading system), Mini Load (full automatic box loading system), WMS warehousing management system, Sorter Smart conveyor systems, and Palletizing system are included in our product category. 

All About Spazio Smart Warehouse Systems 

Created on evolution and innovation and taking inspiration from the Italian word meaning space, Spazio Smart Warehouse Systems is a company created on evolution philosophy and progression. Responding to the 21st-century technology and storage solutions while considering customer needs and satisfaction as a priority, Spazio Smart Warehouse System answers all the specific needs of the customers while taking into consideration their efficiency, productivity, and austerity. It is the latest solution for your Industrial

Warehouse Racking systems

Customer-centric – We aim to provide the most accurate projects with optimum costs in all the project solutions. Our project team makes sure that no detail is overlooked. 

Innovation and Technology – Our brand brings storage together with automation technologies. Our principle is continuous artistic development, with a perspective and vision.  

Pioneer in Automation Systems – We are proud to say that we produce customized solutions for all kinds of needs of our customers. With more than 25 years of experience in automation and storage systems, it is our goal to save our customers time, quality, speed, and labour with the automation system in warehousing. 

New Technologies on Rack Systems – We consistently work on new technology and carry our R&D process with a strong team. Our focus is to improve the existing shelf systems with our experience. We aim to be the leading brand in the field by merging the latest autonomous technologies we have developed in the sector over time. 

Industrial Warehouse Racking Systems Made Easy 

Industrial warehouse racking systems are not as easy as fixing shelves and categorizing but it’s a whole science for smoothing the functioning of supply chain processes and product availability. With so many options available, it becomes difficult to choose. With the help of this article hopefully, you have gained the knowledge and clarity about what to pick.