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Can Warehouse Robots Help Solve Supply Chain Problems?

2 August 2022, Tuesday
Can Warehouse Robots Help Solve Supply Chain Problems?

Warehouse and Warehouse Management

From past to present, warehouses have generally been designed to be used for stacking bulk products with the help of parcels, crates, or pallets. However, this situation is changing with the rapid growth of direct-to-consumer e-commerce (B2C). Warehouses now play a huge role in collecting, storing, and supplying small-size orders that require a lot of effort.

Warehouse management focused on the end consumer is a more difficult and detailed process than warehouse management focused on bulk product stacking. For sustainable customer satisfaction, warehouse management should be set up correctly. Improper warehouse management can disrupt the supply chain and lead to a poor customer experience. Loss of customers due to poor customer experience is costly to the company.


Supply Chain Issues Weakening Customer Experience

What is customer experience? In answer to his question, “it is the whole of communication, interaction, and sharing between the company and the customer.” We can say.

In sectors that appeal to the end consumer such as e-commerce, the right customer experience goes through the right warehouse management. Some of the supply chain problems we may encounter in e-commerce warehouse management are as follows;


Product Range and Stock:

Since e-commerce companies appeal to large audiences, they take into account the taste of every consumer. At the end of the production process, which takes place according to the tastes of different customer groups, we are faced with a wide and diverse product range. Successful warehouse management can be achieved by dividing the products into categories and stacking them according to their characteristics, colors, sizes, and customer base.


The Right Product

The fact that the purchased product meets customer expectations (as imagined and desired) is to increase customer satisfaction by 70%. It not only increases the likelihood of repurchasing but also allows you to recommend it to other customers.


Fast and Damage-Free Delivery

Today, we can say that most companies' marketing and competitive strategy is based on delivery time. E-commerce has become a market where everything is developing rapidly, almost every product is a substitute and the competition is very intense. It is natural for customers to be impatient and demanding. In this market where speed and quality gain importance, if you are assertive about both fast delivery and reasonable prices, the growth of your market share is the inevitable successful result of the right customer experience.


What do End Consumers Think About This?

According to the interview with the marketing and research department of our Spazio smart warehouse solutions company, end consumers state that shopping on e-commerce sites provides convenience, but the problems experienced in this process cause stress.

Answering the questions of our team, Ms. Elif A. said that she looks not only at the price but also at the quality of the product, the delivery time, and the experiences of her previous customers when shopping online.

As a result of our research, we have determined that the majority of the problems experienced by customers are caused by human error.

The use of warehouse robots minimizes human-induced errors that occur in the process of delivering the product selected from a wide range of products correctly, properly packaged, undamaged and fast.


How Warehouse Robots Can Help Solve Supply Chain Problems

The new warehouse operation that emerged with the growth of direct-to-consumer e-commerce and the search for efficiency and speed in the implementation of new tasks arising from it encouraged the development of new robotic technologies.

Warehouse robots and automation in their early stages are focused on the efficient handling of bulk goods at Human command or by replacing humans.

The new generation warehouse robots transport the products to the packaging point and deliver them to the people. Called Goods To Person, this automation uses smart robotic couriers to bring the right products to the right place. So the picker or packer can stay at the pick and pack workstation instead of wasting time wandering the warehouse aisles.


Solutions by Spazio-SWS to This Problem

As Spazio smart warehouse solutions company, the automation products that we have developed as solutions to supply chain problems are as follows:


Shuttle Semi-Automatic Racking Systems

Unit Load

Mini Load

Warehouse Management Systems

Sorter Smart Conveyor Systems

palletizing systems