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Industrial Shelving Models

15 November 2023, Wednesday
Industrial Shelving Models

Industrial shelves are essential tools that enable businesses to organize and store their products, materials, and equipment. The design and functionality of these shelves can vary according to the needs of the business.

Heavy Duty Shelves

As the name suggests, this type of shelf is designed to carry heavy loads. Typically made of steel, these shelves are ideal for storing heavy materials, machine parts, or large products.

Smart Shelves

Taking technological integration one step further, these shelves are equipped with sensors, RFID tags, or barcode systems for inventory tracking. This allows you to monitor the location and stock status of products in real time.

Sliding Shelves

Designed especially for businesses with limited warehouse space, these shelves can slide on rails, allowing for easy movement when access is needed.

Cantilever Shelves

These are ideal for storing long and irregularly sized materials. They are designed for materials like wooden planks, pipes, or metal rods.

Pallet Racks

This shelving system is designed for storing palletized materials. It offers easy access and loading/unloading possibilities with forklifts.

Mobile Shelves

Featuring a movable mechanism, these shelves are designed to make the most effective use of warehouse space. They can be easily relocated as needed.

Modular Shelves

Can be customized to store products of different sizes and designs. You can adjust the shelf intervals and dimensions according to your needs.

Industrial shelving models offer solutions suitable for every business's unique storage needs. By selecting the most suitable shelving model for your business, you can use your warehouse space most effectively, easily access your products, and increase inventory management efficiency.

Archive Shelves

These shelves are designed specifically for the long-term and orderly storage of documents, files, and archival materials. They are optimized for easy access between narrow corridors.

Box Shelves

Ideal for storing small products, parts, or materials. Designed for materials typically stored in separate boxes, these shelves provide organized storage.

Wheeled Shelves

Designed specifically for mobile storage needs, these shelves are mounted on wheels and can be easily moved as needed. They are ideal for events, workshops, or temporary storage needs.

Multi-tier Shelves

Designed for maximum use of vertical space in large warehouses. These shelving systems with multiple levels offer an effective storage solution when combined with a lift or staircase system.

Tips and Recommendations

When selecting shelves, choose the most suitable model by considering the size, weight, and shape of the product you want to store. Periodically inspect your shelves. Detecting damages that may occur over time and performing necessary repairs is important for worker safety. Obtain professional help for the assembly and installation of your shelving systems. This extends the life of your shelves and ensures an installation that meets safety standards.

Industrial shelving models are offered in a wide range to meet the inventory management and storage needs of businesses. By choosing the model most suitable for your business's specific needs and warehouse space, you can increase efficiency and optimize storage costs.

Reach the Best Solution with Spazio-SWS Quality

Spazio is a company specialized in industrial shelving systems and warehouse solutions, offering a wide range of products to businesses. Industrial shelving systems are designed to meet the storage and inventory management needs of businesses. Spazio SWS customizes industrial shelving systems according to the demands of its customers, allowing for both palletized and boxed loading.

Moreover, the company offers various industrial shelving solutions such as cantilever arm warehouse rack systems and compact archive rack systems. With these solutions, businesses can store their products safely and in an organized manner and can increase operational efficiency.

Spazio's industrial shelving systems are produced from special metal materials to ensure durability and long-term use, regardless of the type of products to be stored. Spazio provides businesses with 360-degree warehouse solutions, offering realistic, scientific, and sustainable solutions for the damage-free and organized storage of products.

Maximize Storage Capacity With Spazio Racking Solutions

Spazio's industrial shelving models enable businesses to maximize storage capacity while also increasing operational efficiency. The company designs and manufactures industrial shelving systems of various models, sizes, and dimensions to increase the operational efficiency of its customers and to reduce costs arising from time loss.

Spazio's industrial shelving systems help businesses to effectively use their warehouse space and optimize operational processes. While designing and producing industrial shelving models, the company prioritizes quality and durability, thus enabling businesses to achieve long-term cost savings. Spazio's industrial shelving systems offer solutions suitable for the needs of different sectors and businesses.

The company's wide product range provides various options for warehouse management and logistics operations, enabling businesses to increase their storage capacities and improve operational efficiency. Spazio designs customized warehouse shelving systems according to the needs of its customers. This allows businesses to make the best use of their existing warehouse spaces and to make their operational processes more effective and efficient.

In addition, Spazio's industrial shelving systems allow businesses to expand their warehouse spaces and store more products, thus facilitating easier achievement of growth and expansion targets.

Why Spazio-SWS

Spazio has 25 years of experience in industrial shelving systems. With a specialized team, it offers turnkey project services, from the project stage to installation. It provides its customers with project-specific storage solutions.

The company also performs static calculations for its industrial shelving systems, thus ensuring the safe and efficient use of the shelves. Spazio also provides after-sales support services, including maintenance and repairs.

With the right industrial shelving system, you can optimize your warehouse space, increase productivity, and maintain a well-organized inventory. Spazio stands out as a reliable partner for businesses seeking high-quality and customized industrial shelving solutions.