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From the mass production period to the present, storage technologies have undergone various innovations. Inspired by the Italian word meaning space, Spazio is a company founded on the philosophy of innovation and development.
One of the biggest goals of the brand is to bring storage together with automation technologies. Spazio, which makes all its investments in line with this goal, is a company that has made development a principle.
Spazio primarily aims to present the most accurate project to the customer with optimum costs in all of its project solutions. The project team works meticulously so that no detail is overlooked with alternative project solutions.

Spazio-SWS Professional Storage Solutions

"Spazio Smart Warehouse Systems", one of the leading companies in the field of storage and inventory management, is your reliable business partner that offers a wide range of products and services to help businesses optimize their storage processes. While helping businesses manage their storage processes efficiently and effectively, it also prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Spazio-SWS main product groups include Heavy duty racking systems, Light duty racking systems, Metal racking systems, Pallet racking systems, Mezzanine racking systems, Wholesale and retail racking systems, Cantilever arm racking systems, DIY racking systems, Back to back racking systems, Drive-in racking systems and many more. Each racking system has various features to facilitate and optimize storage and inventory management processes. For example, automated warehouse systems automate storage processes, speeding up business processes and increasing the overall efficiency of the business.

For businesses looking to automate warehousing processes and speed up business processes, Spazio-SWS's automated warehouse systems offer the perfect solution. Automated warehouse systems automate inventory management, speed up business processes and increase productivity.

The Right Racking Systems for Your Needs

Heavy duty racking systems are ideal for high capacity storage requirements. They offer a high level of durability and reliability for storing and managing heavy products. Enabling businesses to make the most efficient use of storage space, warehouse racking systems maximize your storage space and simplify your inventory management.

Metal racking systems offer durability and longevity. Metal shelving systems can carry even heavy loads without any problems and can be easily installed. With these features, metal shelving systems can be an ideal option for any type of business.

Spazio-SWS's pallet racking systems are used for the transportation and storage of heavy loads. These systems are manufactured with the highest quality materials, which increases the durability and reliability of the products.

Spazio-SWS's mezzanine racking systems are ideal for warehouses with double or more floors. These shelving systems allow you to double your storage space, so you can maximize your available space. Furthermore, mezzanine racking systems can diversify and organize your warehouse space, allowing for faster and easier access to your products.

Other services offered by Spazio-SWS include warehouse design and installation and ongoing technical support. Our experienced and specialized team is always ready to meet the needs of our customers and solve any problem. Contact us now to benefit from this privileged service.